Monocel® – The Expert Choice From Nature

Driven by the Nordic love for pure natural aesthetics, Monocel® offers a range of eco-smart natural plant dyed yarns. Monocel® is the culmination of a pursuit to utilize the best nature has to offer combined with cutting edge technology. Its manufacture reflects a total commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

What makes Monocel® unique is a decade of product development merging the unparalleled sustainability of bamboo as a raw material and the extraordinary qualities of lyocell, combined with Nordic aesthetics. Monocel® is the next generation of refined lyocell products made from the fastest renewable resource available. Through the most eco-friendly fiber technology invented, Monocel® transforms into beautiful high quality yarns. Monocel® yarns meet the needs of discerning and conscious brands and consumers seeking a more responsible alternative for premium contemporary clothing and textiles.

The Monocel® range of first class innovative top dyed yarns are the only commercial lyocell bamboo products available today. They are presented in a series of ultrasonic natural plant dyed yarns, offered in a unique Nordic selection of transeasonal colours, especially designed for jersey and woven fabrics. The natural, smooth and soft comfort qualities of Monocel® create cool, easy-wear modern fabrics that meet customers ́ needs for better made and better sourced materials.

– Join the natural Monocel® revolution!