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Generation two of the Monocel® fibre is currently under development, and product launch will be announced.

Monocel® products will only be sold to selected Monocel® Partners. The Monocel® partnership and Brand Policy program is under development, and welcomes companies and brands that share our commitment to high quality products and social and environmental responsibility. Monocel® Partners have exclusive access to the Monocel® collection and custom production and development.

Brand Policy

  • Monocel® only allows blends with organic fibres, recycled fibres, lyocell fibres, BCI cotton and selected wool, hemp or linen. For fabrics where elasticity is necessary, a maximum of 5% by weight of spandex/polyurethane elastomer is acceptable. A minimum of 40% Monocel® by weight in the finished garment or fabric is required to be eligible to use the Monocel® brand.
  • Monocel® is committed to contribute to the global move towards high quality sustainable and responsible textiles. For blends and products that do not fit into the categories above, but share our aspirations, we encourage product developments and partnerships that can expand the Monocel® range.
    -Please reach out to us if this is you!

To become a Monocel® Partner please use our contact form.

Photography by:  Audun Rikardsen

Monocel® Headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway.